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What do we feed our cattle?

First of all we eat what we raise, so quality is very important to us. Most stores say "Grass fed" and charge crazy prices for the label. That means the majority of the animals life they had access to grass, so before weaning (6-7months old). 


Our cattle always have access to grass/hay their ENTIRE lives. Our beef cattle will get a corn/soybean mixture to help them grow after weaning so that you get delicious flavoring (marbling) in your beef but they will still have access to grass/hay. That means we meet the "grass fed" label and then some. We are about 85-90% lean, which means we don't push fattening them, so you have less fat/greese to disguard from your meat.


Yes! You can purchase one cut of meat or order a whole beef if you desire. Call or text your order to Tab (573) 721-7668 or Amanda (573) 560-2215


We are not "Only grass finished", which means the beef never consumed anything besides grass/hay.

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Know where your beef comes from. Our delicious, savory beef is raised and processed under state inspection here in Missouri.

There's not an exact number on what a half of a beef costs as we charge by the pound and every animal is slightly different in size. Here's a breakdown of estimated costs.

Animal weighs 1324# and half the weight is 662# @ $1.95/# =$1290.90 (for the animal that is delivered to Brown's Smokehouse for processing)

Then you would pay approximately $400 in processing (Brown's Smokehouse is state-inspected beef) the price varies as to how you get the beef cut up. For example, if the beef was made into all hamburger patties there is more time in processing, so the processing will be higher. 


Estimated total cost $1690.90 and there is some waste to the beef guts, etc... approx 450# of beef package. 450# divided by $1690.90= $3.75/# which is much significatly cheaper than going to the grocery stores and purchasing all of those cuts of meat like Filet Mignon, Ribeye's, Roasts, etc...

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